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jewellery boxes

ivik are textile caskets, which are used to store favourite objects. Similar to traditional jewellery boxes with inlays, ivik itself becomes a piece of jewellery through its decorative design. 

The angular shape of ivik gives the impression of a hard texture. The embroidered surface is soft and flexible. The traditional craft of embroidery is interpreted into a modern aesthetic by ivik using machine production techniques. The embroidery makes it possible to transform the cotton textile into a stable material. The pattern of the embroidery is structured in such a way that the multiple embroidered areas provide stability when folded. The unembroidered lines ensure that the textile can be folded. This gives ivik its lantern-like shape. The cylindrical bag can be closed with a cord stopper. The inner lining is lifting up when the bag is opened, bringing the content closer to the user for easier handling. 

Size flat fabric box: ø 20 cm, H: 5.5 cm
Size high fabric box: ø 11.5 cm, H: 14.5 cm
Material: cotton, polyester, blackened steel
Year: 2020

The inuk kollektiv is looking for a producer who will include the design in serial production in its product range.

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