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kaya kassuq
at table

Made into separate tangrams, kassuq – with its geometrical tiles – serve as table decoration, coasters, chopping boards, conversation starter and most of all explorative game. 
As a kind of board for this game there is kaya, three cotton table cloths printed with geometrical patterns, derived from the tangram. The textile forms the background for the other actors of this project. On it the tiles can be arranged, sorted or added to each other.

Sizes: 28 x 28 x 1 cm
Material: serpentine, glass, crockery, copper, oak

Sizes: 140 x 240 cm
Material: cotton

Year: 2015

The inuk kollektiv is looking for a producer who will include the design in serial production in its product range.

  • kaya kassuq is one of the 20 finalists in the use (product) category of the LICC-Award 2020.

inuk kollektiv kaya teatowels tableware

You can order our tablecloths and tea towels kaya directly via e-mail:

Tea towel: 45.00 CHF | three available designs
Tablecloth: 180.00 CHF | three available designs

We send the products only to Switzerland and Lichtenstein. In addition to the product price, we charge the actual shipping costs, which are specified by the Swiss Post.

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