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nuulli in inuktitut (language of the Inuit) means „to move“.
The indoor-swings make even an adult heart beat faster. Alone or in pairs, the comfortable cushion is an invitation to just be and swing. 
This product was developed as a collaboration with Stilwerkstatt in Horw, who also manufacture the cushion. The wooden piece is produced by Stiftung BSZ. 

Sizes: big - 120 x 30 cm | small - 60 x 30 cm
Material: beechwood, foam, woollen with acryl, cotton rope
Year: 2015
Design: Jacqueline Amacher & former member Humberto Rapelli

You can order our nuulli swings directly from us by e-mail:

Prices: small: 420.00 CHF, big: 590.00 CHF incl. rope

We send the products only to Switzerland and Lichtenstein. In addition to the product price, we charge the actual shipping costs, which are specified by the Swiss Post.

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