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nari is a family of stackable ceramic plant pots. By stacking, more height can be gained, replacing more traditional plant shelves. The result is a column reminiscent of a totem pole. 

The different heights and slopes create a play of light and shadow that emphasises the form. This gives the product an elegant appearance.

The additional element of the metal structure also makes it possible to house several plants per column. It can be inserted between two pots to provide space for an additional plant.

The oak lid also allows the user to use the plant pots as a side table. Thus, nari can be used multifunctionally and flexibly adapted to the living situation.

Size planters: ø 300 mm, h 140 - 300 mm
Size netting: ø 300 mm, h 230 mm
Size wooden lid: ø 240 mm, h 19 mm
Material: stoneware, stainless steel, oak 
Year: 2018

  • In 2023 project nari has been awarded winner 2023 by the International Design Award jury in the category Home and Gardening accessoires.

  • The EPDA jury committee certifies that the project nari has been awarded Winner 2023 in Home (Household Products)/Home Furniture: Accessories.

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