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inuk kollektiv is an interdisciplinary award winning design studio, which jointly develops products for the living space. In doing so it combines the three design disciplines product design, textile design and jewellery design.

Lilian Walder | BA Textile Design, HSLU – Design & Kunst
Jacqueline Amacher | BA Product Design, HSLU – Design & Kunst
Luisa Schwarz | BA Jewellery Design, HEAD Genève

design approach

Since each person uses products differently, our design focus is initially on rethinking product types. In doing so, we question the definitions of product categories as well as conventional architecture. We want to offer users more possible ways of using products and get them to listen to their own needs. They should have products that they really need and to which they can build an emotional relationship.
Because in a society that is becoming more and more digital, products are needed that challenge the sensibility of the user. As Diana Kinnert explains in her book "The New Loneliness", nowadays we are increasingly losing touch with ourselves and what we want for ourselves.
As designers, we can counteract this by designing products that ask the user questions like: What should I do? How should I be? What do you need from me? Where can you use me?

creative handwriting

These questions, crafts and natural events serve us as inspiration for new products. Details are analysed and taken up, feasibilities are explored and traditions are reinterpreted. With a high sensitivity for the material, inuk kollektiv creates products with a playful approach. The user is supposed to get involved with the often strong character of the products and interact with them. The aesthetics are shaped by manufacturing technology and the relationship between the user and the product. A reduced visual language as well as the love for details make up the formal signature of the design studio.

services & offers

Through the different perspectives of the interdisciplinary design collective, products are created with ideas for collections. The collections are composed of industrially manufactured serial products as well as handmade individual pieces. The concepts and designs of the products are for sale including licenses. The design studio from Central Switzerland also offers interior concepts and commissioned work.  



inuk kollektiv​
Seebuchtstrasse 18
6374 Buochs


2023 - naja is winner of the European Product Design Award in the category in Home (Household Products)/Home Furniture: Accessories

2023 - naja is winner of the International Design Award 2023 and got Gold in Home and Gardening accessories

2022 - nuvuja is winner of the European Product Design Award in the category Outdoor and Exercise Equipment-Patio/Garden Furniture and Accessories and in the category Home Interior Products-Textiles/Floor Coverings

2022 - ivik is winner of the DNA Paris Design Award in Experimental Design Home-ware & Accessories

2021 - kaya kassuq is one of the 20 finalists in the use (product) category of the LICC-Award 2020

2021 - ivik is Top Design Winner (Platin) of the European Product Design Award in Home Interior Products/Interior Decoration

2020 - marluk is winner of the European Product Design Award in Home Interior Products/Interior Decoration


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social media
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